You did it!  Be happy you have helped this club grow and our outreach is strong.  We had over 600 unique visitors to our Website in one week!
We had over 30 returning visitors in the same week.  Our good old Facebook has over 100 members.  Please do not forget our Google + page is active as well as our Instagram.  Follow the antics of the RotaryOwl on our Instagram page as she goes to all kinds of places to raises awareness for the causes that we hold dear.  Follow her at #RotaryOwl #elcajonrotary.
During our Previous meeting we had happy 5's from Cathy Hilton, Cheryl Minshew,  Erick Lundy, Alison Cummings, Debra Emerson, Forrest Higgins, Terry Masango, David Miyashiro and Tamara Otero.  Cheryl contributed and extra 5 and a hug for badge retrieval.  
Mr Glenn Baris and our own Captain Terry gave us a great insight on the new work being done with the Salvation Army food bank and fundraising efforts.
Ginger volunteered to collect eyeglasses that will collected in this weeks meeting.  Bring you eyeglasses!
April 7th do not forget to eat at O's Kitchen.  If you eat dinner there, then 20 percent of all proceeds go to ROTARY!
The 2015 was district assembly was illuminating.  We had a good showing with 9 members in attendance.  Thank you all.
Our speaker this week will be Senator Joel Anderson and Kristen Cummings.