Stu Scott was named Rotarian of the month.  Thank you Stu and Bonnie for always being there to help and doing more than you are asked to do.  Stu is a member of the board and also helps with new members.  He and his wife always open up their home and they have provided us with 3 "Rotary to work days" this year instead of just one. He volunteers to deliver the benches along with other members.  We are proud to have him as an member.  He exemplifies what it is to be an El Cajon Rotarian.  El Cajon Rotarians do not say "it has to be done this way because that is how it has always been done like that", instead they look outside the box.
Jim provided us with a donation in celebration fo his Rotary Anniversary.  
During our previous meeting...
Happy fives began with Sean and Dep thanking the club for its contribution to the funds for the wells.  Cathy was thankful for the "four way test".  Alison provided a happy five and Jim S was happy for his daughter selling her house in Illinois.  Ellie provided us with an interesting tid-bit; the triple crown winner trained her horses as well!  Terry told of of the trip to Washington DC.  Humbert was happy that Charles has returned. Elmer told a thought provoking story; during a recent trip the family found a ski from a family members accident 32 years ago.  Meredith informed us that i-mortgage is currently within the top 10 and that her son Kyle made it to division1.  Vince was proud of his granddaughters graduation.  Roger told a funny story about a septic tank with the sticker that said "your loss is our gain".
Humbert gave a demonstration of the Rotary Web page and the social media pages that have been created.  He indicated how over one thousand users a week are coming to look at our Website and other demographics.
Jim McGarvey and his wife gave a an overview of the San Diego Airshow...formerly known as Wings Over Gillespie.  This has been a staple in our community and is growing every year.  We are thankful for all their efforts.
As a reminder, Cheryl M has graciously taking the ROTARYOWL along with her on her travels.  Please follow the owl on Intstagram and see where she is heading next.  Wherever the RotaryOwl goes she spreads the word of Rotary!  #ELCAJONROTARY #ROTARYOWL. 
Erick has set meeting times at 11:00 a.m. every Tuesday for the Gala.
Please remember to bring a guest to the next meeting!  Thank you to all guest whom attended last week.  We will see you all at the next meeting!