No Rotary Anniversaries or Birthdays in the last meeting.  real estate
During our previous meeting...
Happy fives began with Steve, whom always makes us feel good, with a donation and a joke regarding the women's clothing issue.  Steve S spoke of the fire department rating.  We are very thankful.  Cathy was happy for the FD rating being one of the best and that it would help real estate values.  Cathy was also grateful for the special times of the recent graduates. Roger is leaving for a cruise to Switzerland. Vince gave a happy five for his granddaughter turning 21. Alison is traveling to Alaska for a cruise as well. Roger was happy to get his sunglasses back. Humbert was thankful that his daughter came to visit and Max and Sheryl rounded it off with some very generous gifts to the club.  Thank you!
Erick reminded us of the Gala that is coming up on the 27th! Wes purchased a ticket for Joan Lambo to attend. 
Steve Hamann was welcomed back with smiles and open arms.  Steve presented us with a fantastic presentation as only he can provide.
He discussed the issues of the East County Chamber of Commerce.  His presentation was very informative and gave us a look into the future.  Steve discussed the importance of Web presence for businesses. The Chamber is providing service to members to help them with Google business services and optimization.  Thank you Steve and the Chamber.
Cheryl M returned the Owl who now has a name "Halla".  She had a fun time and the owl returned with a belly full of money.  She also has a new friend.  If you want to take her on a trip, she is a great conversation starter to let people know about Rotary!
Erick has set meeting times at 11:00 a.m. every Tuesday for the Gala.
Please remember to bring a guest to the next meeting!  Thank you to all guest whom attended last week.  We will see you all at the next meeting!