If you did not attend, you missed a good one!   What a packed filled, exciting meeting!
Ginger P. received and award for community service directly from Senator Joel Anderson!
He was thankful for the synergy that was expressed between the various service clubs.
He also presented your current President with a certificate of appreciation and leadership.
The Senator also spoke of a bill to help veterans maintain their current privileges.
The Lions club President and a representative also attended and received several glasses from our club members.
These prescription glasses will go to good use to help the children and communities locally and around the glob.
I would encourage our members to attend their Casino Night as there members will be joining us on our Rotary Gala.
The St Madeline Sophie's Center Frog surprised us all by making an appearance.  Reminding us of the event on April 11th.
Our speakers.... AMAZING!  They encouraged us all to keep fit and get involved in sports at any age!  They informed us that they enjoyed our club most of all they had visited.
We certainly enjoyed them as well.
Happy 5's wen to Wes, Cathy, Roger H, Jim S, Mercy The Lions Club President, and Shirley
Andy donated $500.00 in an animated video for the Salvation Army Golf Tournament.
We collected enough to purchase over 9 frogs at the Annual Morning Glory Brunch! 
There was no winner of the marbles.