This Rotary Family is doing more for the community and working together with other groups to help.
Congratulate yourselves with the spirit of "service above self"!
During our previous meeting...
Joe, Bobbi, and Andy started us off with donations of 25.00 dollars a piece.  They were pictured in the Herald news paper without their Rotary pins.
Roger H, Dave, Terry and Daniel provided generous donations for their wedding anniversaries.
Beginning July David Johnston will be our new speaker chair. Congratulations David.
Our President reminded us that Paul Harris had his birthday on April 19th 1868.  Since it is Magazine week, Humbert urged us to read many historical "Rotarian" magazines.  Amongst these was the first"Rotarian" magazine. In the past it was titled "The National Rotarian".  In it Paul Harris discusses the unique importance of "toleration".  In order for us to be a successful club, Paul Harris said he would shout, "TOLERATION"!  This is what he viewed as one of tenets for the continuance of Rotary.  We should not forget this. 
Paul Harris also stated that we are "without precedent as a club" due to the fact that we "have no rules except such have been gathered from the creative imaginations...".  In other words let's be creative and not fall on the sword of rules.
Paul Harris goes on for a page stating the importance of business in Rotary and defending it against those he calls out as "Mr Ethical Standard".  "No true Rotarian ever permits his tail feathers to droop just because some outsider makes the remark that business is one of the KEY notes of Rotary."
You may download the Paul Harris article from the lower left of the website under the title
Home Page Download Files. You may also see it here by clicking on this link (this is the direct link from the Website).
Cheryl M gave very generous donations since she is going on a five week vacation!  Cheryl also provided a nice donation for the Rotary at work day project since she could not attend.  As a reminder, she is graciously taking the ROTARYOWL along with her.  Please follow the owl on Intstagram and see where she is heading next.  Wherever the RotaryOwl goes she spreads the word of Rotary!  #ELCAJONROTARY #ROTARYOWL.
Shirley, Meredith, and Josh also gave happy fives and tens.  Thank you all.
Peter Griffith was our Speaker. He provided the members with a "hands-on" view of all the items included in the Shelter Box program.  Peter set-up all the items right in our own meeting room!
He answered several questions and gave a fantastic presentation.  He also gave our club a personal thank you for the Shelter Boxes we donated this year.
Erick reminded us to bring items in for the Gala on June 27th.  No time set for the next meeting.
Please remember to bring a guest to the next meeting.  Our membership is increasing every month, thanks to all your efforts. There was no winner of the marbles.