Everyone can win!  Just a reminder that YOU have a 50 percent chance to win the marbles this week! 
1/2 of your donation goes to Rotary and 1/4 goes to the winner and 1/4 goes into the raffle. 
Please remind yourself to bring money to get into the winnings.
During our previous meeting...
Monica started off the Happy Fives with a donation thanking everyone for the America on Main Street event. A success! Erick continued with a five from two weeks ago.  Wes thanked us all for the success of Duncan Hunters golf tournament to help Veterans.  Roger was thankful for getting his garage cleaned.  Cathy reminded us of the park "kaboom" project and was happy to see El Cajon's America on Main Street.  Tim thanked Ellie for attending the Christian High awards on his and Rotary's behalf. Kristie's daughter is engaged.  Max mentioned his trip with his two brother-in laws. Sean is proud of his sons moving from kindergarten to first grade.  He also informed us of the Pregnancy Care Clinic's Golf Tournament.  Although there was rain at the tournament, their was warmth in everybody's hearts.  Carol had a great trip to Central America.  Welcome back Carol!    
The RYLA students provided us with some great stories of their adventures and life changing events.  Their parents told stories of the young adults.  The parents where amazed at the change in their children and their maturity.  The RYLA students reminded us that the struggles of life are put their to make us who we are and who we can become.  Together they sang their cheers and told us of the inspirational speakers they encountered while on their adventures.  Thank you Sheryl for your continued work on this very special Rotary project.  RYLA changes lives!
As a reminder, Cheryl M has graciously taking the ROTARYOWL along with her on her travels.  Please follow the owl on Intstagram and see where she is heading next.  Wherever the RotaryOwl goes she spreads the word of Rotary!  #ELCAJONROTARY #ROTARYOWL.  Currently the El Cajon Rotary Owl is visiting Mt Rushmore.
Contact Erick for meeting times on the Gala. Please remember to bring a guest to the next meeting!  Thank you to all guest whom attended last week.  We will see you all at the next meeting!